The first week in CTO position

I believe that the dream of 70% of software engineers, developers and architects is to take a leadership one. Maybe even each architects is to take a leadership role. Maybe even reach the position of CTO or even build your Startup from scratch to take on that role from there. With me it was little different, after taking some leadership positions and taking the test as an entrepreneur setting up my own startup, i felt fit for a new challenge.

I just assumed the position of CTO within a startup in a group of publicly traded companies. With that came a great responsibility and a huge learning experience at the same time, every day that i have been learning a lot from my co-workers and taking advantage of the possibilities that this work gives me to modify some paradigms that i myself had.

One of the first decisions i made as a CTO was simple, risky and let’s say “bold”. I decided when looking at the scope of the project that i would exchange a team with senior, full-fledged developers, etc, for a junior team. In which we will build our culture from scratch and develop skills together! Why this decision? I have seen countless teams that have stars developing their MVP, who failed to deliver the production simply due to ego fights. As a friend and co worker told me:

Thus, it was clear in my mind that creating a team with juniors and creating opportunities for them to develop and come with all their willingness to show service, was what i was looking for.

We have not had the first impressions of this team yet, but what i have to say is that the will and determination of this new group, makes people who are little more involved in this world of technology create a will desire and want to run more to achieve this pike of them



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